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Hi there! Welcome to our website.

We are The GoMadKids.

We come from different countries around the world and are trying to save the magical land of Turmali from Alien Invaders, ‘The Light Killers’. You will find everything you need to know about the world of Turmali, about us and about our adventures in this fabulous land.

But there is much more for you:

  • Hundreds of YouTube videos selected just for you.
  • Free games.
  • Our e-books.
  • Competitions.
  • Activities and sports.
  • Our Collector Card game.
  • Tools to make your homework FUN!

Our Turmali game can be played on most devices; you will find links to the App stores on most pages of our website.

Why not begin by watching this video all about the world of Turmali and see how you can help to save it from those alien invaders. button(12)


You can read one of our GoMadKids books here FREE! now. button(8)