Harry Johnson.


I’m Harry Johnson and I’m one of the 12 GoMadKids.

I live in MaHarry Nnchester in England with my mum and my annoying older brother Tom.

I want to be an architect when I leave school, but I don’t think I ever will be because people like me don’t do things like that.

Manchester is a big city in the North of England. It’s famous throughout the world for its football teams (or ‘soccer’ teams), Manchester United and Manchester City. It’s a great place for sport with lots of places to watch and play.

There’s lots to do, both in the city and the countryside, which isn’t far away. There are many wonderful buildings in the city and I spend a lot of time just wandering round and sketching them.

You can find out much more about me if you read my books about my adventures in Turmali. You’ll be surprised at what I get up to!

Send me an email and ask me some questions yourself; I’ll be happy to answer them when I can. I do get a lot of emails, though.