Ricardo da Silva

Ricardo N


I’m Ricardo da Silva and I’m one of the twelve GoMadKids.

I live in Rocinha, which is part of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

I love to play soccer and as most people know, we Brazilians make the best soccer players in the world!

Rocinha is the largest favela in Brazil. To most people, a favela means a shanty town or slum area of a big city, but to me it’s home. It may not be a fancy home but it’s all I’ve known – well, until I started travelling toTurmali, that is!

I think having to be alert and smart and knowing how to handle myself, as I do here, really help me in my adventures.

You can find out more about me and my adventures by reading my books. I promise you, there are some pretty cool stories there; you won’t be disappointed!

Why don’t you send me an email and ask me some questions? I’ll be happy to reply when I get the chance, but I do get quite a lot of fan mail… sorry, emails.