My full name is Tang Jing-Wei but most people just call me Jing-Wei. I’m one of the twelve GoMadKids and I’m really proud to be one.

I live in a Jing Nsmall village on the outskirts of the city of Guilin, in the province of Guangxi in China. It’s about five hundred kilometers north-west of Hong Kong.

I live in a small mud-brick home with my mother and father and my little cousin Junjie who’s eight years old. My father works on a farm that grows mandarin oranges. My mother sells things like mandarins, postcards and bottled water to the many tourists who visit this area.

I go to school in Guilin where I’m not so good at my lessons; but I’m a pretty good gymnast and I’ve won many prizes at gymnastic competitions.

You can find out lots more about me in my books when you read about my adventures and challenges in Turmali.

Why don’t you email me? I’ll email you back when I get the time, but remember I do get a lot of emails.