Mercy Jelimo


My name is Mercy Jelimo and I’m one of the GoMadKids. I live in the Old Town of Mombasa in Kenya, Africa, with my mother and father and two older brothers.

My hobbies areMercy N playing the guitar and singing. I also love to write my own songs.

Mombasa is located on an island on the east coast of Kenya, and the Old Town is where the original port was located.

Our weather is tropical and always warm. The temperature rarely falls below 20 degrees centigrade in the daytime, but we do have rainy times, especially in April and May.

You can find out much more about me if you read about my fantastic adventures in Turmali. I have some pretty scary times!

Why not email me and ask me some questions? I’ll answer you as soon as I can, but I do get a lot of emails.

By the way, playing the Turmali game will give you plenty of information about the wonderful world of Turmali and its seven lands.