About Turmali and the GoMADKids.

Explore and become absorbed by the intriguing fantasy storylines, characters, avatars and adventures in this safe virtual magic world for preteen kids.

Turmali and the GoMADKids is a children’s adventure series that provides hours of entertainment while educating the curious mind. Bringing together 12 young children from earth as superhero’s to save the world of Turmali in this action adventure series that will inspire and enthuse every child.

Discover how 12 young children from different countries on earth come together to help defend the people of Turmali from alien invaders. See how the Kids are transported, in a time travel style, to the world of Turmali. Meet the characters and email them to learn more about them and their background and see how different their home lives are.

Turmali and the GoMADKids combines many features including an exciting and engaging storyline, an online game that educates. An engaging educational website providing hours of entertainment for kids, with games, videos, homework help, homework tools, creative activities for children, competitions for children, sports and hobbies, learn about religions of the world, and see a video of every capital city of the world plus 130 children’s short stories in e book form.

The Turmali Trading Card Game (TCG) and Collector card series will be online soon.