Carlos N

Carlos Ramirez.


I’m Carlos Ramirez and I’m one of the twelve GoMadKids.

I live in Lantana, Florida and my best friend is Abigail Turner who’s another of the GoMadKids. We go to the same school and travel together on the school bus.

My mom is a nurse at the local hospital and my dad is a chef.

If you read my stories, you’ll find out lots about me and my cool adventures in the amazing world of Turmali.

My grandparents originally came to Florida from Mexico, so my parents speak Spanish as well as English, as I do.

I’m a pretty good student at school but I hate sports. I’m a bit too laid back for playing ball!

Abigail tries to get me to dress a little more trendy, but I just prefer to live in my jeans and T-shirts.

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