Tebogo Mogomotsi.


My name is Tebogo Mogomotsi and I’m one of the twelve GoMadKids. I live in Soweto, a district of Johannesburg in South Africa.

Soweto is a township in the south-west of the city, which is where it got its name: Tebogo NSOuth WEstern TOwnship.

I try my best at school but sometimes I get in with the wrong crowd and get myself into trouble.

I live in a small house with my mother and sister. Sadly my father died so my mother has to bring us up on her own. I know I cause her a lot of worry, but I’m really not that bad and now my life seems to be taking a whole new direction.

I love sports, especially football, and I have posters of famous teams on my bedroom walls.

If you read my stories about my exciting adventures in Turmali, you’ll find out lots more about me.

Why not email me and I’ll reply to you as soon as I get the chance. Just remember, though, that I get a lot of emails.