The GoMadKids Turmali Website –
Information for Parents/Guardians.


The concept behind GoMadKids and Turmali is truly international. Our aim is to bring together the children of the world.

We want to break down barriers, promote understanding and encourage mutual respect among children, building a sense of international community.

We believe this is possible through the process of discovering different countries and cultures and empathising with ways of life that are different to our own. After all, it is only through learning about each other, and realising that deep down we’re all the same, that wariness and fear can be expelled. Knowledge is the key to nurturing tolerance and mutual appreciation, and this is our goal.

Through the holistic and educational approach of GoMadKids Turmali – its website, online game and e-books – we believe that internationalism will be the new and accepted state of mind of our children.