Welcome to Zelen.

Zelen is a diverse land. The cold, snowy steppes of the north create a stark contrast to the humid, forested south. Built right across the middle of the land is the imposing Zelen Wall, which cuts the land in two. This is definitely worth a visit.


Zelen’s pagoda-style houses and temples will delight you, as will its bamboo forests full of pandas, and its rainforests full of beautiful birds and insects. Here, you will feel as if time has stood still. You may even be tempted to climb the treacherous steps that lead to the Sky Temple, perched precariously on top of Zelen’s highest mountain. Or you may wish to visit the Emerald Lake, covered in huge lily pads the size of boats.

But take care; in this land there are several places that you should be very wary of visiting. The Deathly Marches is an area of spooky marshland, where strange creatures lurk. The Ruined City has almost been destroyed by Light Killers, but the people still try to eke out an existence, hoping the Light Killers won’t return.

In Zelen there are several caves where the Light Killers gather, and some abandoned villages where no one remains – except, of course, for the ghosts! Don’t say you haven’t been warned!