Welcome to Pula.

From the moment you arrive in Pula, you will notice the humidity of this tropical land. Covered in dense rainforest, teeming with wildlife, and gushing waterfalls, Pula is an explorer’s paradise.


You may even stumble across some of the ruined temples and pyramids that lie beneath the creepers and ferns of the forest, or you may discover ancient statues, long since forgotten.

You will find no towns or shops in this land; the only signs of life are the small villages where native inhabitants dwell.

But beware if you come across the great Golden Temple in the centre of the land, because this one is guarded by Thonapa, the high priest. And the lost palace of Lakam Ha is protected by the unnerving presence of angry spirits. This place is only for the very brave!

Strange creatures roam this land, from howler monkeys and snakes, to fairies and huge, thundering tapulars! Be on your guard.