The GoMADKids Stories

The Turmali and The GoMADKids short stories tell the tale of twelve children – the GoMadKids – who travel to the distant world of Turmali, aided by the magic of Tourmaline gemstones. These children come from various countries:

Mercy and Tebogo come from Africa,
Renata and Ricardo come from Brazil,
Jing-Wei and Bao come from China,
Meena and Jai come from India,
Emma and Harry come from the UK, and
Abigail and Carlos come from the USA.

The children also come from very different backgrounds. For example, Harry lives in a small flat in Manchester, while Emma lives in prosperous Chelsea in London. Jing-Wei comes from rural China while Bao lives in the bustling city of Shanghai. And Renata lives in relative luxury in Brazil, compared to Ricardo who lives in a favela. This is because we want the GoMadKids to be representative of society, each child knowing that they have a valuable contribution to make, a role to play, and each knowing that they can MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world.