Turmali is a magical world in a distant galaxy, made up of seven mystical, floating lands. It’s been invaded by dangerous aliens called Light Killers and it needs to be saved. What’s more, it’s going to be saved by a group of international children known as the GoMadKids who come together to fulfil a team enterprise – saving this beautiful world and its colourful array of inhabitants from destruction.

Turmali and The GoMADKids is a series of 132 short stories many of which are available as e-books, samples of the e-books are available on this website and by providing these snippets, it’s hoped that children will be enticed to enjoy the e-books and become avid readers. 

Our aim is not only to promote reading for enjoyment, but to develop children’s understanding of different cultures through the fictitious characters of they will find in the stories of Turmali and The GoMADKids.