Welcome to Modra.

Modra is a land of intrigue with many amazing sights to see. The first thing that will strike you is the number of castles, ancient buildings, pretty villages and farms. Green fields stretch for miles, climbing towards forested hills where they say talking badgers and fairy folk live. And beyond the hills, spooky fortresses perch on snowy mountains, and an old cable car climbs towards Modra’s beacon.

The west of Modra, known as the Kingdom of SilverLoch, is almost completely cut off from the rest of the land by a deep ravine called the Gorge of the Fallen. Don’t fall down there, whatever you do; you never know what weird Modra 2creatures might be creeping around in the darkness. As the Kingdom of Silver Loch is isolated from the rest of Modra, very little has changed here for hundreds of years. You might even come across jousting knights in shining armour!

The city of Vetro in the east has a system of canals and many fine buildings, squares, towers and temples. If you’re venturing towards the mountains of the north, though, take great care – especially near the Castle of the Night Souls and Satyr Castle. If you’re captured by the grotesque inhabitants, you may never get out alive!