Welcome to Lila.

Lila is the most modern of all the lands. In fact, its main city, New Glassglow, is full of high-rise hotels and offices, made entirely of glass. In the bright sunshine, the buildings are dazzling. The city glows like a beacon for all to see. Of course, Light Killers hate bright lights, so you might even be safe here… but don’t Lila 2go down into the dark subways, whatever you do!

In Turmali’s seven lands, you will usually find a beacon on the summit of a mountain, but Lila’s beacon is different; it’s built on a rock in the middle of a system of great lakes. And to the east of the lakes, vast swamplands can be found. Lila is a land full of water and mountains.

In fact, in the east of the land you will find the Land of the Hot Springs, where geysers spurt steam and hot water into the air, and native peoples live in the forests that stretch as far as the eye can see.

The south of the land is hotter and here you will find deserts, canyons, caves, gorges and mountains to investigate – and even a volcano! You will also find a space centre called Mega Base One. But be careful; it’s been taken over by the dreaded Light Killers!