Welcome to Jeruk.

Jeruk is a land of contrasts. In the north of the land, the soaring minarets of Temple Town catch the eye, as do the narrow, winding streets of the mysterious Mud-Brick City. There are jungles swarming with wildlife and lakes bright with flamingos.Jeruk

In the east of the land is the region of Menateva. Boasting the city of Rivo and the beautiful Indri Forest, it’s a fascinating area. However, it’s almost unreachable as the perilous Menateva Mountains cut it off from the rest of Jeruk, and so life here has changed very little for generations.

The further south you travel in Jeruk, the more danger there seems to be. Baboon Rock seems friendly enough – until you meet the troop of threatening baboons. The Mountains of the Moon seem enticing – until you get the sense that eyes are watching you and the landscape is alive. The vast desert known as The Waterless Lands is arid and unwelcoming; it’s also overwhelmingly hot. But you may be tempted to cross its burning sands to reach the treasure-filled pyramids on the far side! Finally the industrial-sized Tourmaline Mine of Jeruk will leave you full of dread. Beware; it’s a place of nightmares.