Welcome to Isfar.

Isfar will take your breath away! It’s simply beautiful. And here you will find a thriving city – the City of Brightness – which is full of bustling markets, beautiful temples, colour and life. From the stunning Glittering Temple to the spice and silk stalls of the market, Isfar will indulge your senses. Warm sunlight glistens on the rivers, where people gather to fish, bathe and pray. And not far from the city, soaring snow-capped mountains rise into the clear, blue skies, and unexplored jungles cover the land.


In the east of the land the mighty elemen live – huge creatures that resemble elephants. Though they look frightening, they’re actually quite peaceful and welcoming.

But take great care near the rivers for you may come across gharials (crocodiles with long, narrow snouts) or even the hammergator (a creature that is half hammerhead shark and half alligator). But, worst of all, look out for the Light Killers in disguise and their many evil helpers!