Welcome to Album.


Album is a land of ice and snow, bitter winds and    soaring  mountains. It’s certainly not a land for the faint- hearted. The cold temperatures can be deadly. Not only   that, but from the moment you arrive, you will have the  feeling that unseen eyes are watching you. With its dark, threatening skies, Album is eerie and bleAlbumak wherever you go.

The towns and villages of Album seem ghostly and surreal. Once inhabited by a thriving community, the homes and shops have been abandoned and lie empty. Now it’s hard to find a living being. But why did they all run and hide? Even the forests are creepy, with their snow-covered trees looming out of the darkness like spectres.

The alien invaders, the Light Killers, love nothing better than darkness, so be on your guard; Album is the land where they feel most at home – and they’re everywhere!

From the caves and mountains to the great yew tree that towers over the forest and the mysterious Lake of Souls, Album’s landscape will haunt you.